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structural glasses and colloids

Understanding the cristallization phenomenon and its interplay with the glass transition (when supercooled liquids become as viscous that seem solid) in multi-component fluids, is a challenge for the Modern Theoretical Physics. Indeed, the dramatic grow of the relaxation times in glass formers (supercooled liquids, colloids, glanular media, superconductors, etc.) has no correspondence with any apparent change in the structural properties.

In our work, we focus on the determination of the diagram of the equilibrium phases and the glass trasition (the Mode Coupling) in soft sphere polydisperse systems, by means of computer simuations using a broad variety of algorithms: swap, microcanonical, microcorical, tethered, parallel tempering... In adition, we study the off-equilibrium dynamics, and thus, the aging effects, for instance, the memory and rejuvention effects. We are also very interested in the determination of the structures formed after cristallization.