IMG_3483Víctor Martín-Mayor

Full professor

Departamento de Física Teórica

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Room 4

Phone: +34 91 394 4567

e-mail: vicmarti(at_no_spam)

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A book I wrote with Daniel Amit: Field Theory, the Renormalization Group and Critical Phenomena.

My scientific papers can be found here.

For more information, see Google scholar or my researcherID.


Projects and collaborations


Lately, I have been most interested in the  Statistical Mechanics of disordered systems, with an emphasis on the following topics:

·        Spin Glasses


I am very happy to be a member of the Janus collaboration that builds dedicated computers delivering an incredible computing power. The Janus Project is a joint effort from 5 Universities in Spain and Italy:


Spain: U. Zaragoza-BIFI (Alfonso Tarancón, David Íñiguez, Denis Navarro, José Miguel Gil-Narvion, and Serio Pérez Gaviro). U. Complutense de Madrid (Luis Antonio Fernández and Antonio Muñoz Sudupe). U. Extremadura-Badajoz (Juan Jesús Ruiz Lorenzo and Antonio Gordillo-Guerrero).

Italy:  U. La Sapienza, Roma (Giorgio Parisi, Enzo Marinari, Federico Ricci-Tersenghi, Andrea Maiorano). U. Ferrara (Lele Tripiccione, F.S. Schifano and E. Calore).

Diaspora: David Yllanes (Syracuse), Beatriz Seoane (École Normale, Paris), Marco Baity-Jesi (Saclay, Paris).

I also collaborate on this topic with Peter Young (California-Santa Cruz) and Alain Billoire (Saclay, Paris).

·        Quantum Annealing as seen from the spin-glass perspective


The DW2X experimental quantum annealers challenge the scientific community. My main collaborators in this fascinating topic are Itay Hen and Jeff Marshall (University of Southern California).


·        Random Field Ising model


We are making some real progress in this very challenging problem with Nikos Fytas (Coventry), Nicolas Sourlas and Marco Picco (Paris). I have also enjoyed collaborating with Luis Antonio Fernández, Alfonso Tarancón, Juan Jesús Ruiz-Lorenzo, Andrea Maiorano and David Yllanes.


·        New Monte Carlo algorithms


Numerical simulations in Statistical Mechanics have an ever increasing ambition, demanding new numerical methods.  I have collaborated in this topic with David Yllanes, Luis Antonio Fernández, Beatriz Seoane, and Paolo Verrocchio (U. Trento).

I have also worked on colossal magnetoresistance oxides (in collaboration with José Luis Alonso, Paco Guinea, Luis Antonio Fernánez and Victor Laliena), and supercooled liquids (collaborating  with Giorgio Parisi, Paolo Verrocchio, Tomas Grigera, Luis Antonio Fernández, Beatriz Seoane and Stefano Ciliberti).