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Facultad de Ciencias Físicas

Universidad Complutense

Av. Complutense s.n.

28040 Madrid

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The meeting will take place at  the "SALA DE GRADOS" on the first floor of the Facultad de Ciencias Físicas at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  (From the main entrance, up one floor, it will be the corridor on your right and there, first door to the left).

From the hotel, we recommend the use of public transportation: underground or city bus, although there is always the possibility of a nice walk (40'). Driving directions (discouraged due to parking space).

"How to get there" from google maps: Hotel to Physics Department

Underground:  (Recommended) Called "METRO" in Madrid.   The closest metro station "San Bernardo" is on the same sidewalk of the hotel, about 50 mts to the left.
Take the line 4 "brown" until the end station, called "Argüelles". Change to line 6 "grey"
and get out at "Ciudad Universitaria". From the Ciudad Universitaria metro station you can also walk (short ,12'), come out to the street (Avenida Complutense) and walk to your right, or take a bus (G, U, 82 or 132, just 2').

City bus: At the hotel, exit walking(12') to the right, and follow the "Alberto Aguilera" street until you cross the big "Avenida de la Princesa" , where you make a right.
Follow that avenue until you cross a street called "Melendez Valdes". Right there is the start of lines 82 and 132 , you can take those or  walk 50 mts more on Princesa street where you can get bus lines G. All these lines leave you  between 50 and 200 mts away from the entrance of the Physics Department (see map below).

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Driving Directions
If you drive, parking at the university is free, finding a free place is possible but may take a few minutes depending on the student load. To reach us follow the reddish "Ciudad Universitaria" signs.