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Travelling through Pedro’s universes:
from Spectroscopy to Cosmology


This is an international and multidisciplinary workshop in honour of Prof. Pedro Félix González Díaz, who passed away already 6 years ago. It will be held in the Faculty of Physics of the Complutense University of Madrid from the 3rd to the 5th of December 2018.

As Pedro treated so many topics during his career, the workshop will be composed by several short sessions, consisting of one or two overview talks and introduced by experts of the field. The topics will run from spectroscopy to popular science theatre, with a special emphasis in topics related with gravitation and cosmology.

All persons that are interested in attending one or several sessions can do so at their convenience. It is worth mentioning that the overview talks are intended to be comprehensible for undergraduate physics students. However, potential participants from different backgrounds are also welcome.

Registration is not required. Nevertheless, we advise the potential participants that had a personal relation with Pedro or that are from the academia to register before the end of September in order to get some additional information.

All the drawings in this webpage were made by Pedro Félix González Díaz