The department manages a bibliographic collection of public property with over 4000 volumes. Its library is completely integrated into the General Catalogue of Universidad Complutense's library, and is a branch of the Facultad de Ciencias Físicas library.

If a volume that you may need is deposited in Theoretical Physics I, you will need to contact with the Physics Journal Room.
  • Keep in mind that restrictiona apply to the loan conditions since this sublibrary is for the priority use of departmental staff.

  • Departmental staff cannot provide you with a book. They will only grant access to the library to the staff of the Journal Room/Physics library during working hours.

  • Internal loan: the departmental staff will abide by the agreement of the departmental meeting of November 2010.    No book can be withdrawn without the user being registered in the electronic loan system of the university

    Provisory arrangements

  • In compliance with departmental policy, many volumes are packed and waiting for transfer to the deposit of the future research library of the Facultad. We regret any inconvenience.
  • Books assigned to the department of Theoretical Physics II-Mathematical Methods of Physics- are being withdrawn and handed over to that department. There can be a limited delay between the delivery and electronic recatalogation.