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Confinement IX Address

Facultad de Ciencias Físicas

Universidad Complutense

Av. Complutense s.n.

28040 Madrid

Research Group on Effective Theories at Complutense

Participants and their registered accompanying persons will enjoy a social programme included in their respective fees. The following activities are being prepared:

  1. A welcome cocktail, simultaneously with the Poster Session after the afternoon, Monday august-30th session, to be held at the Complutense University Botanic Garden, located right across the street from the Conference venue. It has been a long tradition of this Conference series that each participant may bring a bottle of wine from his/her home country to celebrate the event. We continue encouraging you to share a bit of your background and bring a bottle.
  2. A half-day excursion on Wednesday. Immediately after the morning plenary session, that finishes at 12:30, we will go by bus to Toledo, World Heritage City within roughly one hour drive from Madrid. See here for city information. We will have a fast lunch on arrival there, and will be back in Madrid at night. Toledo was the capital of visigothic Spain after the fall of the roman empire, later capital of Castille and crossroad of muslim, jewish and christian cultures during the 12th and 13th century, and the visit is of quite general interest. Be prepared for summer weather.
    Buses for excursion participants will stop at the recommended hotels (Tirol, NH Alberto Aguilera, Hostal Moncloa and Jardin Metropolitano) before departure from the conference site. They will also return to these hotels as well as to the Galdos and Aquinas residences.
  3. Social dinner: Scheduled for the evening of Thursday, september 2nd, it will take place a few kilometers away from the Complutense campus at the Casa Mónico. Buses for the social dinner will depart from and return to the recommended hotels (Tirol, NH Alberto Aguilera, Hostal Moncloa and Jardin Metropolitano) as well as the Galdos and Aquinas residences.

Lunches at the conference for registered participants are included in your registration fee. The lunch time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is 12h30 to 14h and will be strictly observed. These meals are offered at the physics cafeteria (in the basement of the physics building).
Lunch on Wednesday, September 1st, will take place in Toledo upon our arrival to the town, before the tour. Note that here water and coffee will be included, other beverages should be paid separately by each participant.
Vegetarians please send an email to the conference email so we have a count.