For accommodation we offer three options

  1. Recommended accommodation
  2. Inexpensive accommodation for students and those needing 
    financial support
  3. Accommodation on your own

1. Recommended accomodation:

Special rates for ERE2011 participants have been arranged (breakfast and all taxes included) in the following hotels.

Hotel Category Double room Single room
T3 Tirol
C/Marques de Urquijo, 4 - Madrid
3* 80 EUR 70 EUR
C/Princesa, 40 - 28008 Madrid
4* 110 EUR 100 EUR

* If you are interested in booking within this option and benefit from special rates for the HUSA PRINCESA or TIROL hotels, contact our Travel Agency by clicking here and fill in the inside form.

* Deadline for special rates: 15 June 2011.

* WIFI connection is provided at TIROL hotel for 8,50 EUR/week.

2. Inexpensive accommodation for students and those needing financial support :

Affordable price accommodation in university residences may be found in the following places

University residence Single room
Colegio Mayor Juan Evangelista
Avda. Gregorio del Amo 4,
Ciudad Universitaria E28040 Madrid
e-mail:jlcamara at
22 EUR (breakfast +3euros)
Colegio Mayor Chaminade
Paseo Juan XXIII 9,
Ciudad Universitaria E28040 Madrid
e-mail:verano at
42 EUR (with Full Board three meals included and wifi provided)
Casa do Brasil
Avenida Arco de Moncloa s/n
Ciudad Universitaria E28040 Madrid
e-mail: adm at
52 EUR (only breakfast included)

Please, proceed by yourself to book this option just indicating that you are attending ERE2011 meeting organized by the Complutense University.

3. Accomodation on your own :

Other hotel listings in Madrid (booking on your own) may be found in the following websites: