The 2011 edition of the Spanish Relativity Meeting (ERE2011) will be held in Madrid from the 29th August to 2nd September 2011. It will be hosted by the  Departamento de Física Teórica I at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. ERE2011 is scientifically supported by the  Spanish Society of Gravitation and Relativity (SEGRE).
The Spanish Relativity Meeting/Encuentros Relativistas Españoles (ERE) is an international conference devoted to Relativity and Gravitation which is organized every year by one of the Spanish groups working in this area. The EREs started in 1977 with the main objective of promoting scientific discussion and exchange of knowledge in the field, encouraging a relaxed atmosphere. Over the years, the conference has gained international recognition and has attracted an increasing number of worldwide participants. EREs are nowadays established as relevant international events in the field, maintaining substantially their original relaxed character. A list of previous meetings and a short history of the EREs can be found here.

Each year the conference is endowed with a particular flavour and orientation. ERE2011 will have as subtitle: "Towards new paradigms"

Under this subtitle, ERE2011 will attempt to emphasize the new contributions that are being developed in many of the areas directly related to gravitational physics. These new inputs are common in a big variety of communities: On the one hand, the unprecedented accumulated body of observational data is confirming a solid frame of cosmological and relativistic models with challenging questions; on the other hand, the breakdown of theoretical ideas is defining new and original approaches to the fundamental nature of the gravitational interaction. In this sense, we have divided the meeting in different subjects depending on the day, with the goal of both stimulating the interaction between the different areas and improving the interdisciplinar analysis that gravitational physics demands. In particular, the complementary ideas to be discussed will be:

Mathematics and Gravity
This session will be devoted to the analysis of fundamental issues in gravitational physics, where a geometrical approach needs to be complemented with analytical analysis and/or numerical developments.

Astrophysics and Experimental Gravity
Under this title, special attention will be drawn on astrophysical experiments and observations directly related to the Theory of General Relativity, such as the ones associated with gravitational waves and compact objects.

Quantum Gravity and String Theory
The third session aims at discussing on the intrinsic quantum nature of the gravitational interaction. New geometrical approaches such as Loop Quantum Gravity will be compared with string theories.

The leitmotiv of this session lies in the study of the last cosmological advances, not only from the point of view of the observational study of the large scale Universe, but also from the theoretical models that attempt to explain such observations.

Thermodynamics and Gravity
This last session of the conference will deal with different thermodynamical aspects of the gravitational interaction, such as horizon properties and the thermodynamical interpretation of the gravitational nature.