Social Events

Participants and their registered accompanying persons will enjoy a social programme included in their respective fees. Please note that registered participants to the conference must log into their ERE2011 INDICO account and fill in the "Social Events" form specifying the events they plan to attend and, if required, how many accompanying persons they are coming with.

The confirmed social events included in the fee are the following:

1. Monday 29th August, 20:00 h: a  welcome cocktail, simultaneously with the Poster Session will be held at the Complutense University Sciences Garden, located right across the street from the Conference venue. The organizers would like to invite the participants (and poster holders in particular) to bring a bottle of wine from his/her home country/ Spanish region to celebrate the event. 

 2. Wednesday 31st August, 15:30h (sharp): Half-day guided visit to Aranjuez royal palace and gardens, the only Spanish site declared a UNESCO Cultural Landscape Heritage within roughly forty minutes drive from Madrid.

Immediately after lunch time at the Physical Sciences building, we will go by bus to Aranjuez (see here for city information in Spanish). Aranjuez was a Spanish Royal court residence from the 15th century. During the 17th century it prospered as the spring annual abode of royalty, a place of pageantry, hunting, and a source of inspiration for the patronage of some of the greatest Spanish writers. During the Age of Enlightenment the city reached its maximum splendour and musicians, composers, painters, architects and other artists surrounding the court left their imprints in the town, gardens and buildings.

There will be an English guided visit to the Royal palace and a guided walking tour around Aranjuez historical gardens (Isla, Parterre and Principe) and the fountains they contain. 

Be prepared for slight summer weather. Please, no short trousers to enter the Royal Palace.

* Total price for the visit (trip + tickets + Palace and gardens guided tours) for accompanying persons is 12 euros to be paid during the registration on Monday 29th August.

DEPARTURE: Buses for excursion participants will depart at 15:30 h (sharp) from the Faulty of Physical Sciences main entrance. .

3. Wednesday 31st August, 19:45 h Jardin del Principe Main Gate: Conference dinner: it will take place at "El Castillo de 1806" restaurant, located inside the "Principe" garden in Aranjuez. Buses will return from Aranjuez around 23:30 h to some of the recommended hotels and will also stop in some previously designated central locations.

* Price (55 euros) for the dinner for accompanying persons is to be paid during the registration on Monday 29th August.

* Vegetarians and participants with special needs are kindly requested to provide this status when registering at INDICO conference site at the "Social events" section.

4. Thursday 1st September, 19:30 h, Public lecture (in Spanish): Following the tradition of previous ERE meetings, there will be a SEGRE Public Lecture by Theoretical Physics Professor Jose L. FERNANDEZ BARBÓN at the Complutense University historical library "Marqués de Valdecilla". Please find location of the building here

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