Scientific Program

Registration and all sessions will take place at

Auditorium Joaquín Rodrigo
Centro Cultural Isabel de Farnesio
39 Capitán St. E28300 Aranjuez Madrid

The public talk - in Spanish - on Tuesday 31st March 19h will also take place at the same venue. It will be given by Carlos Muñoz (IFT-UAM Madrid) with the title ¿De qué está hecho el Universo? de las partículas elementales a la materia oscura.

The final scientific program is now available here. Please find below the talks in PDF format.

Name Title of the talk
Albareti, Franco D. Nebulium tests the fine-structure constant evolution
Alonso, David The challenges of HI Intensity Mapping
Alonso-Serrano, Ana Quantum cosmology: Games without frontiers
Atrio-Barandela, Fernando Probing the Dark Flow signal in WMAP 9 yr and PLANCK cosmic microwave background maps.
Ayuso, Ismael On the consistency of universally non-minimally coupled f(R; T; R_mu nu T^mu nu) theories
Barros, Bruno Inflation driven by 3-form fields
Bettoni, Dario Dynamics of non-minimally coupled fluids
Bodnarescu, Adrian On the dynamics of some hyperbolic Universe models driven by a spontaneous symmetry breaking scalar field
Bonilla, César Flavor symmetry and mass relation
Bouhmadi López, Mariam Possible doomsday behaviours for the Universe: classical versus quantum
Bueno, Juan Carlos Hidden in the background
Byrnes, Christian The post Planck curvaton
Calcagni, Gianluca Cosmology and quantum gravities: Where are we?
Carballo-Rubio, Raúl Gravitational symmetries and the quantum vacuum
Cerezo, Rafael Inflaton dark matter from incomplete decay
Dunsby, Peter K. S. The Emergence of Late Time Cosmological Acceleration in f(R) Theories of Gravity
Ferreira, Ricardo Zambujal Universal Constraints on Axions from Inflation
Fonseca de la Bella, Lucía Effective field theory of dark energy and constraints in quintessence models
Gammaldi, Viviana Results and Prospects on TeV Dark Matter at the Galactic Center
Kandhai, Sulona Dynamical system approach to f(R) gravity
Kumar, Sravan DBI galileon inflation in the light of Planck 2015
Lagos, Macarena Cosmological perturbations in massive gravity
Leite, Ana Catarina Optimization of ESPRESSO Fundamental Physics Tests
Lopez-Eiguren, Asier Chasing monopoles
Manera, Marc THE DARK ENERGY SURVEY, status, first results, and mocks
Martínez, Enrique Latest cosmological results from the Planck mission
de Martino, Ivan Constraining the redshift evolution of the Cosmic Microwave Background black-body temperature with Planck data
Martins, Carlos The UVES Large Program for Testing Fundamental Physics: New Results and Cosmological Implications
Mercati, Flavio Shape Dynamics: a new tool for General Relativity, Cosmology and Quantum Gravity
Mimoso, José Pedro Conformal time and Radiation
Minamitsuji, Masato The Initial State of a Primordial Anisotropic Stage of Inflation
Morais, Joao Dark Radiation in a Modified Gravity Scenario
Morrice, Jack Disformal extensions to the rescue
Mozaffari, Ali Phenomenology of preferred scale gravity
Muñoz, Carlos Gravitino Dark Matter: Model and Searches
Noller, Johannes Graviton theories
Nunes, Nelson Three-form Cosmology
Odintsov, Sergey D. Accelerating cosmology from modified and quantum gravity
Paduraru, Laura A simple extension to the Starobinky model of inflation
Pallis, C. Observables Gravitational Waves from Non-Minimal Inflation in Supergravity
Pina Avelino, Pedro Interacting dark energy: the role of microscopic feedback in the dark sector
Razzaque, Soebur Astrophysical Sources of the IceCube Cosmic Neutrino Events
Reverberi, Lorenzo Gravitational contraction in f(R) gravity: curvature singularities and particle production
Rojas, Alma Corrections to the TBM ansatz
Rudenok, Igor Post-inflationary preheating with weak coupling
Saltas, Ippocratis Reconstructing the dark sector of the universe
Sánchez López, F. Javier Homogeneity and isotropy in the 2MASS Photometric Redshift catalogue
Seto, Osamu Axion monodromy inflation with modulation corrections
Shafi, Qaisar Standard Model Higgs Inflation and Beyond
Solomon, Adam Are Two Metrics Better Than One?: The Cosmology of Massive (Bi)gravity
Sousa, Lara Observational Consequences of Varying-alpha Domain Walls
Staicova, Denitsa Minimal Dilatonic Gravity from cosmology to compact massive objects
Tamarit, Carlos Higgs valleys, stability and inflation
Thorsrud, Mikjel Horndeski’s vector-tensor theory
Young, Sam Signatures of non-gaussianity in isocurvature modes in primordial black hole dark matter
Ziaeepour, Houri Formation and evolution of quantum condensates as origin of inflation and dark energy